Tactical Navigation Training

Tactical navigation training saves lives. Ours has earned the trust of warfighters entrusted with some of our nation’s most critical, high-profile missions. Anchor Risk Group’s field-proven instructors have purpose-built every facet of our game-changed offerings from the ground up. Precision targeting resides at the core of everything, from range estimation training to fieldcraft training. Ensuring accuracy and safety on the front lines in the fight against terrorism is a charge we take seriously. Our route planning, both on foot and using mobility aircraft, enables soldiers to accurately navigate to waypoints and track each other in real time.

Sharpen Your Skills

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  • Route Planning (Foot and Mobility Aircraft)
  • Range Estimations
  • Range Cards
  • Fieldcraft
In my last deployment, I used my training extensively as we were operating in areas that Americans hadn't been in four to five years. It impacted route selection and the decision-making process – in the military we call it the DMP.  It also affected my risk calculus. All three of those things were really impacted by having ARG's course in my back pocket. It absolutely deepened my toolkit. Active Duty Navy Seal, ARG Trainee