Who We Are

Retired military reconnaissance and sniper team members that served in special mission units formed our elite training organization: Anchor Risk Group. Each has a unique, diverse background that collectively complements fellow team members and promotes creative training. We do not publish our identities out of an abundance of caution – to keep our team and our families safe.

Our instructors have intimate knowledge of special operation communities from the lowest to the highest levels, helping them cater specifically to individual groups. They harness decades of real-world combat and tactical-training lessons learned to create programs that close the significant gaps often found in other special forces training curriculums. We challenge those we serve – and ourselves – by introducing critical thinking and decision-making into realistic, mission-critical scenarios.

We are veterans who continue to serve our country by sharing our lessons learned. We do this to protect our nation and our freedoms against terrorist threats and acts of our adversaries. As patriotic Americans we have rights – but also responsibilities. We care for the whole soldier, the entire person.

Who We Serve

  • Government Military/Federal/State/Local
  • DOD Niche Operations Support Services
  • DHS, Law Enforcement, SWAT
  • Corporate Executives
  • Professional Sports Teams
  • Manufacturers
  • Transportation
  • Aviation
Anchor Risk combines true hospitality, expertise and solid training facilities with a purpose-built program. I've not found that anywhere else. It's an all-inclusive package. Special Operations, E7, ARG Trainee

Where We Train

ARG offers multiple private, secure locations in Oregon, Idaho, Texas and various regions in the Southwest United States. All replicate varied, intense real-world mission environments found at potential overseas deployment locations. Experience everything from hot and dry to cold and wet. Lowland sand and dirt river basins to high-elevation, sleep and rocky inclines.

Special Operations Forces (SOF) snipers can advance their craft without incurring the added time or costs of traveling to multiple sites. Routes can be in excess of 1,000 miles with camping locations along the way. Note, we do not publicize actual locations to maintain the highest levels of safety and confidentiality.

Results Achieved

Units that have implemented our mBED process into real-world tactical ground mobility movements report greater success, including decreased enemy contact during passage in combat theaters.

What you get out of two weeks training with Anchor Risk would take months with someone else. Special Missions Unit (SMU) Team Lead, ARG Trainee

Training Locations



Provide the most comprehensive fieldcraft and strategic thinking to increase antiterrorism trainees' proficiency and leadership.


Provide antiterrorism professionals the best critical-thinking training in fieldcraft and long-range tactical precision marksmanship using diverse, private ranches in varying environments. Leverage decades of tactical long-range experience in multiple combat theaters for customized training that meets the demands of real-world events while maintaining anonymity.


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