Sniper, Reconnaissance & Long-Distance Marksmanship

The most elite special operations forces in the United States are already proficient in the use of rifles. Anchor Risk Group instructors build on this foundation of sound marksmanship to produce snipers of the highest order – experts at reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering.

Understanding ballistics and how all factors affect bullet flight from the strike of the firing pin to hitting its intended target distinguishes America’s most legendary snipers. We ensure complete equipment familiarity supported by tactical reconnaissance for wide-ranging missions. Those might be on the battlefield providing demoralizing, small-arms fire from a distance; conducting well-orchestrated, nighttime raids on high-value targets; harassing an entire enemy battalion; or tracking enemy units on behalf of larger U.S. forces. You don’t want to rely on trial-and-error learning in combat. ARG builds the skills to increase mission effectiveness and reduce or alleviate casualties.

Sharpen Your Skills

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Sniper & Reconnaissance

  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • Equipment Familiarity
  • Tactical Marksmanship
  • Night Optics

Tactical Long-Distance Marksmanship

  • Nonstandard High-Angle Shooting
  • Ballistics: External & Terminal
  • Precision Marksmanship
  • Precision Engagement
  • Laser Engagement
When you get to a certain level, you're trying to be so prepared that everything is set, so when things go into motion, you can think. If you're training properly then those reps, that muscle memory, it's actually helping you think faster. Special Missions Unit (SMU) Team Lead, ARG Trainee