Emerging Technologies

Anchor Risk Group works to provide value in more than training. We also work closely with product designers and manufacturers to develop groundbreaking, next-generation defense tools. These patented products serve to solve fundamental flaws and gaps in existing technology.  The revolutionary ground vehicle – AZAK Defense – offers an example of our support. Its extremely low center of gravity, large wheels, modularity and high clearance combine the efficiencies of a street race car with a monster truck, but without the downsides of either. This vehicle can climb objects taller than itself and corner with incredible stability.

Put Your Ideas to the Test

Talk to us about product development testing. Our rigorous, end-to-end testing can take you from concept through manufacturing. We assess your product's limits in the most extreme conditions that it will experience. The result? Rugged, mission-enhancing products that don't fall short when they're needed most. How can we help?