Critical Thinking for Special Forces Under High Stress

Customers choose ARG because of our ability to do more than sharpen specific, highly technical skills for special operations training. They rely on us to help develop the critical thinking needed to successfully pull it all together in high-stress environments.

We work with clients on training that addresses everything from rescuing hostages on the other side of the world to precision marksmanship from incredibly long distances. All require stealth, reconnaissance and extremely cool heads. Did you know the greatest loss of life happens leading up to an event and leaving an event? So, we focus on those.

Take Aim

Reach out to Anchor Risk Group to discuss solutions for your specific requirements. Leverage our deep, proven experience and expertise. We want to help. And odds are, we can.

Being a Force Multiplier

We leverage exploratory learning to teach the tactical considerations that come into play in every imaginable type of ground movement. Securing positions, for example, is about more than pulling a trigger. It’s about being a force multiplier – using special tactics that can do the damage of a much larger force. You can be a force multiplier without ever directly engaging the enemy.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Even the most highly trained, mature, elite teams benefit from ARG training. We uncover weaknesses and build strengths in their place. Which is good, because the work of these special forces has never been more important. For example, sniper teams travel with little gear, moving patiently across hostile terrain, frequently in darkness, often in the no-man’s-land between or behind battle lines, strategically camouflaged to disappear in their surroundings. They may have little if any support from a larger unit. If they are not successful, the safety of others may be compromised. Mission planning and training are key. ARG helps with both.

I plan to train with the Anchor Risk Group as much as I can. Active Duty Navy Seal, ARG Trainee

Customized for You

ARG can teach a single, dedicated course in one service area – or combine multiple services into a single course of instruction. We address each phase – planning, briefing, executing and debrief – for each service as it applies to real-world application. Leadership and team building become an integral part of each training.

  • Customized Curriculums
  • Train for mission essential tasks
  • Address all phases of an operation
  • Expertise in unit-level urban & rural operations
  • Built on decades of combat experience
  • Focus on the "why" behind tactical decisions

Real-World, Applied Training

There are a lot of guys with military experience; the problem is taking that experience and getting to why it's important for people going forward. Not a lot of people can teach the way Anchor Risk's founder can. He's approachable and has an easy-to-understand way of passing on knowledge. He takes what he's learned in two decades of Tier I level operations against peer-to-peer adversaries and imparts those lessons in a two-week program. Active Duty Navy Seal, ARG Trainee