Training the Best to Be Better

Seasoned special operations forces need to keep their skills sharp. The increasing complexity and volume of security challenges worldwide demands it. Military and law enforcement turn to Anchor Risk Group (ARG) for trusted, subject-matter experts at the top of their game and customized training that hones sniper and reconnaissance skills. Our highly specialized curriculums, designed to overcome emerging threats, address all phases of tactical operations. Organizations also work with us to tailor and refine mission planning, develop leadership and build teams known for high performance, reliable execution and precision.

Sharpen Your Skills

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Learning That Lasts

  • Sniper and Reconnaissance
  • Critical Thinking
  • Tactical Leadership
  • Tactical Ground Mobility
  • Rural Operations in Technology-Denying Environment
A lot of us consider Anchor Risk's founder to be one of the premier point men in our nation's history in terms of what he was able to accomplish as a recce (reconnaissance) team lead in really dangerous environments. Active Duty Navy Seal, ARG Trainee

Immersive, All-Inclusive Training

Boost critical thinking with hands-on experiences. Tap into training that takes place in remote, challenging environments – from snow-covered mountains to flat, dry plains. Endless trails and varied routes incorporate a wide range of arduous topographical features that can be used for high-speed and tactical night driving. Enjoy meals that some trainees say were the best healthy eating in their lives. Work off stress in our dedicated gyms.

Stay on our private, secure properties where instruction happens even in quiet downtimes. Introduce or hone operationally focused skill sets through off-roading with various vehicles. Continue the learning experience with rest-and-recovery day activities such as fly fishing, swift-water rafting, camping, hiking and horseback pack trips. Everything works together toward one purpose: preparing you for what lies ahead.

MBED – A Mission-Focused Approach

Anchor Risk’s training helps ensure mission readiness. Soldiers improve both their strategic thinking and tactical skills. Our intense, proprietary mBED™ – mission planning, briefing, execution and debrief – process provides a customizable template for accelerated training developed specifically for customers. mBED is designed to decrease learning time while increasing long-term retention, particularly the ability to recall information during high-stress situations.

ARG mBED training teaches the pieces of the puzzle, but also how they assemble to reveal the big picture. Participants learn how and when various tactical components should be used and contingencies for risk mitigation in small team, covert operations behind enemy lines.

Understanding the “why” leads to better integration of skills into tactical plans and the underlying contingencies that must be addressed. Students draw upon the critical-thinking skills gained from the repetitive mBED process, enabling them to quickly develop and implement responses to unplanned events.

Training Breakdown*

training breakdown

*Approximations vary depending on mission profile

We approach our work as a sacred duty. Anchor Risk Group Founder

M Mission Planning

Applying critical thinking to outline the steps for a strategic, successful mission.

B Briefing

Imparting the plans, addressing concerns, and answering the “why” behind decisions.

E Execution

Implementing each mission phase of the comprehensive plan according to the briefing.

D Debrief

Conducting a thorough, post-event examination. This is the most crucial step to learning.

Learning by Doing

Participants train (multiple times) for each of these operational phases in all the varied key roles and responsibilities of a sniper team. Through debriefing, we specifically address if they efficiently executed the plan or had questions once in the field that ought to have been discussed in the mission planning or briefing stages.

The ARG Training Philosophy

  • Master the Basics
  • TECH Is Mission enhancing, not mission dependent